Indus-1 Beamlines
Indus-1 Beamlines 

Reflectivity Beamline
AI PES Beamline
AR PES Beamline
Photo Physics Beamline
High Resolution Vacuum Ultraviolet Beamline
Infrared Beamline
PASS Beamline
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The first Indian synchrotron source Indus-1, a 450 MeV electron storage ring, was commissioned in early 1999. It provides a broad electromagnetic spectrum extending from far infrared to soft x-ray region. It has opened up a possibility to carry out research activity using the soft x-ray/ vacuum ultraviolet radiation (10Å < λ < 1000Å) in India. This wavelength band covers many absorption thresholds of various elements. In addition, due to its shorter wavelength it posseses great capability to explore physical structure with much better resolution than that offered by the visible light.

Different beamlines have been planned and installed for carrying out different kinds of experiment on Indus-1. Among those, the CAT reflectometry and AIPES (angle integrated PES) beamlines were commissioned in Nov 2000. Later three more beamlines including ARPES (angle resolved PES), photo physics, and high resolution VUV beamlines were also commissioned.
Indus-1 Beamlines

Last Updated: January 2017
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