Beam Physics & Free Electron Laboratory

The Beam Physics & FEL Laboratory is engaged in frontline research in both theoretical and experimental areas in Beam Physics. The thrust of our activities is on exciting new areas of scientific research that are also of importance to the Department and the country, and on indigenously developing crucial accelerator technologies. These areas include: x-ray FELs as fourth-generation light sources; insertion devices; novel accelerators such as photocathode guns, PWT linacs and RFQs; high-power microwaves; superconducting RF. In addition, we also do pure theory in both accelerators and free-electron lasers. The activities of the Beam Physics & FEL Laboratory can be broadly classed as follows:

For more details, please contact:

Dr. S. Krishnagopal
Head, Beam Physics & Free Electron Laboratory
Phone: +91-731-248-8018
Email: skrishna (at)
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