Proton Linac and Superconducting Cavities Division

This division is involved in the research and development of Super Conducting RF cavity technology & infra structure development for fabrication, processing, assembly & test stands for SCRF cavities, Design & development of sub-systems for Proton Linear Accelerator for Indian Spallation Neutron Source at RRCAT & Development of indigenous Turbomolecular Pumps.

The labs working under LVCDS are :

  1. Linac Components Design Study Lab.
  2. Cavity Joining & Qualification Lab.
  3. Ion Source Lab.
  4. Chemical Treatment Facility.

The details of the activities of the Section are as follows :

For more details, please contact

Sh. S. C. Joshi
Head,Proton Linac and Superconducting Cavities Division
Email: scjoshi (at)

Content Manager: Sh. S. Raghavendra
Email: raghu (at)
Last Updated:June 2010


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