Laser Systems Engineering Division
    Power Electronics & Instrumentaion Lab.
    Metal Vapour & Dye Laser Applications Lab.
    Dye Laser Development Lab.
  Computer Division
    Computer Centre
    Electronics Security Systems Lab.
    Scientific Information Resource Centre
  Solid State Lasers Division
    Advanced Solid State Lasers Section
    Fiber Sensors Lab.
    Semiconductor Physics & Devices Lab.
  Laser Materials Processing Division
    Excimer Laser Section
    Materials Engineering Section
    Organic Photonics Materials Lab.
    Laser Additive Manufacturing Lab.
  Advanced Lasers & Optics Division
    High Energy Laser Development Lab.
    Laser & Optical Instrumentation Lab.
    Optical Design and Development Lab.
    Optical Coatings Lab.
  Laser Electronics Support Division
    Electronics & Instrumenation Section
    High Power Laser Electronics Lab.
    Laser Controls Lab.
  Laser Physics Applications Section
    Atom Optics & Raman Spectroscopy Lab.
    Ultrafast Spectroscopy Lab.
  Solid State Laser Electronics Section
  Laser Components Design & Fabrication Division
    Mechanical Components Design & Fabrication Lab.
    Glass & Ceramic Components Development Facility
  Human Resources Development Section
    BARC Training School at RRCAT
    Theory & Simulations Lab.
  Laser Materials Section
    Crystal Growth Lab.
    Ceramics Lab.
    Nano-Functional Materials Lab.
  Laser Plasma Section
    High Energy Density Physics Lab.
    Laser Electron Acceleration Lab.
  Laser Biomedical Appl. Section
    Optical Spectroscopy & Diagnostics Lab.
    Optical Polarimetry Lab.
    Applied Biology Lab.
    Photochemistry and Photophyics Applications Lab.
  Proton Linac & Superconducting Cavities Division
    Superconducting Proton Linac Section
    SCRF Cavity Development Lab.
    Ion Source Lab.
    Chemical Treatment Facility
  Materials & Advanced Accelerator Sciences Division
    Magnetic & Superconducting Materials Section
    Free Electron Laser Lab.
    Accelerator & Beam Physics Lab.
  Cryoengineering and Cryomodule Development Division
    Cryomodule Engg. Section
    Cryogenics Engineering Section
    Cryogenics User Support Lab
  Power Supplies & Industrial Accelerator Division
    Precision Power Supplies Section
    Power Converter Development Section
    Industrial Accelerators Section
  Pulsed High Power Microwave Division
    High Voltage Pulse Modulators Section
    Klystron Modulator Power Supplies Lab.
  Construction & Services Division
    Civil Engineering Section
     Civil Construction Cell
     Infrastructure & Maintenance Cell
     Housing Construction Cell
     Civil Design Cell
     Horticulture Cell
     Audio Visual & Acoustics Cell
     AC Projects Cell
    Electrical Engineering Section
     Electrical Engineering Cell-1
     Electrical Engineering Cell-2
     AC Mechanical and Maintenance Cell
  Accelerator Magnet Technology Division
  Indus Operations, Beam Dynamics & Diagnostics Division
    Beam Diagnostics Section
    Beam Dynamics Lab.
    Radiation Equipment Maintenance Lab.
    Indus Operation and Alignment Lab.
    Coolant Systems Lab.
    Health Physics Unit
  RF Systems Division
    RF Components Development Section
    Solid State RF Amplifier Section
    High Power RF Lab.
    RF Power Supplies Lab.
    Low Level RF Controls Lab.
  Design & Manufacturing Technology Division
    Planning & Machining Section
    Fabrication Facilities Lab.
    Technology & Product Development Lab.
  Accelerator Control Systems Division
    Control Instrumentation & Electronics Development Section
    Electronics Systems Section
    Software, Networking & Security Lab.
    Control Systems Lab.
  Ultra High Vacuum Technology Section
    UHV Instrumentation Lab.
    UHV Technology Development Lab.
    UHV Engineering Lab.
  Beamline Engineering Section
    Beamline Mechanical Engg. Lab.
    Beamline Control & Instrumentation Lab.
  Synchrotrons Utilization Section
    Hard X-ray Applications Lab.
    Soft X-ray Applications Lab.
    Engineering Applications Lab.
    Lithography & Microscopy Lab.
  Chairman, Apex Safety Committee
    Fire & Safety Cell
  Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee
    RRCAT Medical Centre
  Chairman, Local Management Committee
    Atomic Energy Central School
  Director Office
  Planning & Coordination Section
    Administration Section-1
      Recruitment Section
      Vigilance Section
      General Section
      Travel Cell
      Hindi Cell
    Administration Section-2
      Establishment Section
      Public Relations
    Guest House
    Purchase & Salary
      Salary Section
      Purchase Accounts
    Budget & Works
      Budget, Compilation, Finance & Miscellaneous
  Indore Regional Purchase & Stores Unit
      APO Smt. Alka Harish Sahu

Last updated: January 2017
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